FIR Group

The Flax Industry & Research (FIR) Group was created in 1993 by Eric Vanfleteren when he took over the familial company « The Linière Saint Martin » (LSM) specialized in the processing and the preparation of flax fibers for textile and technical applications. Since its existence, FIR has provided ongoing support for LSM to allow it to increase its activity and improve the quality of its products based on flax fibers. From the 2000s and the arrival of François Vanfleteren, FIR has invested in innovation by participating in the creation of the Belgian company Lineo in 2006 with the support of other industrial partners. In addition, in 2005, FIR took a participation in the flax spinning mill « Stanislas COCK » so as to diversify its business while remaining in the field of flax, field mastered by FIR. In 2013, the spinning mill Stanislas COCK became « FIR Belgium ».

Today, the 3 subsidiaries of FIR Group are:

  • Linière de Saint Martin
  • FIR Poland

Companies of the FIR Group


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