Linière Saint Martin

LSMThe French company « Linière Saint Martin » (LSM) has been founded in 1955. Its activity is to prepare flax fibres for textile and technical markets. LSM provides spinning mills and also paper mills with different qualities of flax fibres following their requests. The company employs 30 people and its turnover is 6 million EUR. In addition, LSM works on several research projects. For additional information, you can contact LSM by phone: 0033. or through our page contact us.

FIR Poland

Spinning Mill OutsideThe Polish spinning mill « FIR Poland » is specialized in the manufacture of flax yarns of a very high standard for the furnishing market. By focusing on high-end markets and by automating the production of its yarns, the spinning mill « FIR Poland » managed to offer a high quality. Close to our European customers weavers, we are listening to them and we can quickly answer to their needs. With this new approach, we still stand out from the competition. The company employs 38 people and realizes a turnover of 7.5 million EUR.


LineoLINEO was created in 2006 in order to create new markets for flax fibers. FIR group wants to be a leader in the development of the use of flax fiber for its intrinsic physical characteristics. Indeed, flax can be complementary to existing reinforcing fibers (carbon, glass, aramid) and can bring new interesting properties such as lightening composite materials or a new dampening behavior. Indeed, flax reduces vibration of composite materials. Winner of the JEC Award « Bio-based material », Lineo is the leader to supply flax products for the manufacturing of composite parts. Owner of a worldwide patent to treat flax so as to use it composite processes, Lineo has already included flax fibers in sporting goods like racquets, bicycle frames, fishing rods, skis, boards,…but also in boat hulls, automotive parts,… Lineo also participates to R&D projects such as the European project « Cayley » with Boeing and the French project « FlaxPreg » with Peugeot and Faurecia. For additional information, you can also visit the website of Lineo.

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