2013 - Eric VANFLETERENEric Vanfleteren is the founder of FIR in 1993 and he is in charge of the direction of LSM. Eric has a good knowledge of the flax industry from the crop in the fields. His background allows him to develop new projects to improve the quality of flax fibres.

2010 - Francois VANFLETERENFrançois Vanfleteren is the Director of the FIR Group. With a Degree in Engineering & Master of “International Management”, François started to work in the family´s company LSM where he learnt how to work the flax fibre from the crop to the spinning mill. He managed the purchase of the company Stanislas COCK in 2005 and created LINEO in 2006. François is also the Director of LINEO and develops new flax products for the composite market which is not accustomed to flax fibres.

2013 - Gilles PARSYGilles Parsy has already managed the spinning mill « LA CHANVRIERE ABBEVILLOISE » (200 employees) during 10 years and has high management skills. Gilles is the director of FIR Belgium and does his best to meet the requirements of the customers of the flax spinning mill.

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