Short and long fibres

WarehouseThe « Linière Saint Martin » company may prepare and provide flax fibers worldwide. With over 50 years of experience, this subsidiary owns lines of transformation necessary for hackling, refining and cleaning flax fibers. It is therefore possible to adapt and prepare the length and fineness of flax fibers following the requirements of each customer. In addition, the « Linière Saint Martin » is currently developing new products from flax fibers such as FlaxTape.

Flax Yarns

bobinsSubsidiary of the FIR group, the flax spinning mill « FIR Belgium » has invested in highly automated production equipment. Thanks to this, the half-wet spinning mill can face the global competition. « FIR Belgium » produces simple or twisted flax yarns. In addition, the spinning has the ability to dye its yarns before delivering them to its customers, which are mainly in Europe and in North America. Constantly endeavoring to develop high quality yarns, « FIR Belgium » managed to stand out from the competition and can supply extremely demanding markets . Finally, innovative yarns are regularly developped by the subsidiary « FIR Belgium » for its customers so as to help them to differentiate and to innovate in their turn. More info about flax yarns on this webpage.

Flax for composites

forkIn order to create new markets, the FIR group has founded the subsidiary LINEO with other industrial partners in 2006. LINEO has developed a treatment for flax fibers in order to allow their use in composite manufacturing processes.  LINEO now offers a wide range of flax products that can be used to produce composite parts with thermosetting resins.The advantages of flax is the small density (1.45), the dampening properties and also the good mechanical properties.

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