Research & Developments

dga-dgcisThe purpose of this industrial research project is to create a biobased sandwich panel that meets the demands of automotive and aeronautical applications in vehicles. This biobased sandwich panel that will be developed, must have sufficient mechanical and acoustic properties and its properties to fight against fire must answer to the requirements of the aeronautic sector. The company « Linière Saint Martin » has already established a process for producing tapes of parallelized flax fibers (FlaxTape©). It will now research the lightest FlaxTape© products. With these FlaxTape© products, a thermosetting resin will be used to produce composite sheets. Then, « Linière Saint Martin » will develop a honeycomb made from  a flax paper. Then ,this honeycomb and the composite sheets will be used for manufacturing biobased sandwich panels. More information on the dedicated website of the SIMBAA project.

  • Project FlaxPreg

FlaxPregThe FLAXPREG project gathers three industrial partners: Faurecia, Peugeot and LINEO with the University of Reims. The objective is to develop a new sandwich panel reinforced with flax fibers provided by LINEO. This new innovative material will reduce the weight of some interior parts of the car by almost 50% at a stabilized cost that respects the contraints of the automotive sector. The interest is twofold since it will replace glass fibers with natural fibers and reduce emissions of carbon dioxide by weight gain. The first successful mechanical tests allow us to consider a shift in production by 2016 of these new FlaxTape© products for the manufacturing of sandwich panels .

  • Project CAYLEY

CayleyThe project aims for the industrial implementation of environmentally friendly panels that are based on renewable polymers or recyclable thermoplastic sheets and natural fibres. These panels can be used for e. g. ceilings, fairings, compartments in the interior of aircrafts, trains, busses, ships etc. They substitute hazardous materials used in common panels (e. g. phenolic resins) and have a light weight character which helps saving fuel by reducing the mass of the vehicles. More information on the website of the project.

  • Voilin


The company « Linière Saint Martin » considers its development in the diversification of its production to new markets including composite materials. The VOILIN project objective is to develop a new manufacturing process to produce tapes of parallelized flax fibres (FlaxTape©). The company « Linière Saint Martin » wants to industrialize the production of FlaxTape© products so as to deliver the composite markets. These tapes will allow to reinforce composite structures while controlling the weight of these composites. The interested sectors are numerous: these FlaxTape© products can be used in the transport sector (aerospace, automotive, marine, rail),also in the field of sports and leisure, etc…

  • Cablenlin

Logo-OSEOThe company « Linière Saint Martin » transforms scutched flax to hackled flax ribbons for flax spinning mills. The traditional hackling process can be optimized by reducing losses and improving speeds. The CABLENLIN project objective is to develop a new innovative hackling process that will be faster and that will improve the yield of the transformation.

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