Project OLCO

Research and development of a flax fiber tape meeting the needs of the flax-Composite market

The flax fiber tapes currently on the technical Flax market, are the same as those used for the textile market. However, industrialists are becoming increasingly demanding as regards the quality and the reliability of the flax fiber tape supplies for the use in composite materials. Moreover, the improvement of the mechanical and biological properties of flax fibers constitutes a major strategic issue to consolidate flax in the composite market.

Several R & D programs have made it scientifically possible to validate the properties of the Flax for composite applications , but few projects or companies have validated the outlets on the industrial markets.  Lineo, partner of LSM, has done this and can now seek to obtain the best raw material for applications of composite on an already validated market.

This approach can only be of benefit for LSM as well as the Normandy Region since the farmers and the Normandy flax strippers will be directly impacted by the developments of the OLCO project. They will be able to produce a new quality of flax for the composite applications. It is the whole Flax sector in Normandy which will be developed with this project not only in economic terms but also for its national and international standing. It is the image of both a modern and traditional Normandy, developing state-of-the-art technologies which are respectful of the environment.


Duration: 36 months
Budget: 1,953,254.03 €
Subsidy rate FEDER : 44%
Amount FEDER : 859 431.76 €

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